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( Jan. 27th, 2003 12:08 pm)
It's Newsletter Day here at work, and looking like the worst thus far (with the possible exception of the very first time I handled the formatting). It was supposed to be better this time. I have Pagemaker installed on my computer and the newsletter staff met to decide how to get everything done faster, so that I could format earlier in the day and we could all go home sooner. This almost worked last month, although I was still on Publisher, and even that went rather well.

This time the entire staff is running behind. I haven't received anything to start working on, which already puts my schedule about an hour and a half behind. In addtion, I'm trying to transfer everything over from Publisher to Pagemaker. Not a problem with graphics, but a problem with text. The text blocks are transferring as graphics, which I knew was a possibility, but it would have been nice to copy the blocks over and then just type over the old text. Now I have to redo everything, including defining styles, which I can't do until I get some text.

To add to the wondrousness of this day, I have a med check appointment at 2:45. I'll have to leave Edmonds, drive to Cap Hill, and then come back to Edmonds to keep working on this damn thing. I have no idea when we'll be done, and after that I'll be driving to Sand Point to cat-sit. I do not know when I will see my home again at this point. I also think I may be coming down with a chest cold, and that's unlikely to improve my attitude.

At least I'm in Mary's office this time, rather than in the midst of people talking and running back and forth and generally creating chaos. But if I spend the entire day nibbling on cheese and crackers out of boredom and stress, I think I can be excused.

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