The church where I work is considering renting out their commercial kitchen to caterers, etc. Today the health inspector was scheduled to show up at 11:00 to let us know what the health code will require from us. Five minutes before the inspector arrived, the woman who makes dinner for the Wednesday night groups came by to start her preparations. One minute before the inspector arrived, the head of the facilities committee showed up to be in on the meeting. Five minutes after the inspector arrived, a couple came by to pick up some boxes that were left here after a memorial service on Friday. My boss has been in the kitchen for the last hour riding herd.

It's very nice and quiet here at my desk. I just wish telemarketers would stop calling. :-P
I got my new computer at work today and nothing has gone wrong. Compared to what happened when we networked--nothing worked right for two weeks--this is truly lovely. The keyboard is a little hard to get used to, but I can manage that. Now Word won't crash and I can make huge PageMaker files!

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