I had my visit with the Virginia Mason gynecologist at 9:00 this morning. The news is worse than I'd hoped but far better than I'd expected--I do need a hysterectomy to get rid of my fibroid problem, but it can be done laparoscopically rather than with an abdominal incision. Not that I might not wake up from surgery surprised if that turns out to be too conservative a treatment--but at least I won't have all the worries about a more serious surgery. And recovery time will be 4 weeks, rather than 6, and the doctor said I might be able to cat-sit after only 2 weeks as long as I don't have to lift anything heavy. (Heavy cats?)

Other treatment methods would be possible, but they're mostly done to preserve fertility and the fibroids would likely recur in 3 or 4 years. Since I don't want children and really don't want the fibroids to recur, this is the best approach as far as I and the doctor are concerned. They can also drain the ovarian cyst--yea.

Things are moving fast now. I may be under the knife as soon as the end of this month. If I turn out to be particularly anemic (test result back in 2-3 days on that one), it will have to be postponed till I can "beef up" my blood. But we're off and running now...

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