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( Mar. 5th, 2003 11:15 am)
I made the decision all by my very own self not to go out to Mardi Gras at the Merc last night. I had way too much to do before surgery, considering that a lot of this won't get done for two weeks if I don't do it now, and no, I'm not going to ask anyone to hang up clothes in my extremely-OCD closet arrangement or answer my e-mails :-P.

I still got to bed waaay too late and am paying for it today.

And I still feel kinda left out and like I really missed out on something special and fun. And there won't be any clubbing for me for at least a couple of weeks. Poo.
From the elle.com, Pisces horoscope:
Try to spend at least part of the evening with friends who reliably lift your spirit.

Done! Well, okay, not done until I actually get to Aurafice coffee, but I will be there. By gum.
Mila's surgery time tomorrow:
7:50 a.m.

The ugly part is that means I have to check in at (gasp) 5:50. Gack.

The good part is that if anyone wants to pop by Virginia Mason Hospital, figure out what room I'm in, and visit *cough*hint*cough*, maybe I'll be coherent by evening.

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