As promised, and only a day late, the recap of Mila's Suprise Birthday Party:

[ profile] darkmane was the guiding force behind the whole shebang, with additional help from [ profile] vulture23 and Bluejay. I was amazed that so many people would come squeeze into our apartment on a Monday night, and most gratified. I hope everyone had fun...I know I did! :-D Here, in alphabetical order, are attendees (if I left anyone out, please forgive me, and then let me know so I can update).

[ profile] ajka, [ profile] alexiarnps and Chris, [ profile] cor_tenebrarum, [ profile] coulrophobe, [ profile] deadrose_black,[ profile] dragon001, [ profile] dyann, [ profile] fairygirl70 and Lance, [ profile] greenwood, [ profile] icebluenothing, [ profile] icequeen669 and Paul, [ profile] luchog, [ profile] marc17, [ profile] retcon, [ profile] the1pony, [ profile] thecrowgoddess, [ profile] thevfrchick, [ profile] tmib, [ profile] treebyleaf, [ profile] vulture23 and Jay. Also present was my friend Carrie, the non-Seagoth-affiliated person who said, wide-eyed, "Where did you meet all these people?" "The internet," was my reply. (Now I suspect a couple of you may be LJ-affiliated, unbeknownst to me, but this is the info I have and it's what I'm going by. So there. ;-P)

To those who couldn't make it (such as Jilli, who was nevertheless represented by a wonderful box!), the fact that you wanted to be there is enough. To those who somehow weren't informed--well, you shoulda been! We'll have to make up for that oversight later.

When the first sheep came in the door, I thought, "Right, Ireland, sheep." When the next sheep came in the door, I thought, "Oh yeah, I'm Year of the Sheep." When more arrived, I realized what the theme of the party was.

For anyone who's wondering, the theme of my birthday party when I turned 5 was Little Bo Peep. The cake had lots of yummy candy sheep, and all the kids were supposed to have at least one on their slice of cake. I had several, being the birthday girl and all. But when the cake slices got around to the last kid--my friend Jason--there weren't any sheep left. I thought that was terrible and promptly gave him all my sheep--then sat down and promptly burst into tears when I realized I'd just given away all my sheep! And the adults had to step in and make sure I got a couple for myself. I use this to illustrate my tendency towards spontaneous gestures that end up leaving me poorer.

So Monday night I got all the sheep I could ever want! BIG sheep, small sheep, glow-in-the-dark sheep...looks like we have a new motif around here. ;-)

And apparently I am one of those people who says, "No, no, don't do anything for my birthday," and doesn't mean a word of it.
m_cobweb: (MerMila)
( Mar. 19th, 2003 06:03 pm)
To wish [ profile] ajka a most splendiferous birthday!!! I wish I could make it out for the festivities, but at least I got to see you at mine!
m_cobweb: (cathedral)
( Mar. 19th, 2003 11:09 pm)
I wish I were physically able to be at a protest or (even better) a candlelight vigil.

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