I am opposed to this military action. I support the troops--but a good number of the troops don't support this war, along with some highly respected military advisors, such as Col. Mike Turner (Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf's personal briefing officer during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm)whose voice is one of the most logical I've heard yet, but who seems to be completely ignored by the current administration.

I am opposed to the hypocrisy of George W. Bush. Countries all over the world are suffering under dictators as bad or worse than Saddam Hussein, yet the U.S. has made no move towards helping them. I can't help but see this as a grudge match--"You threatened my dad, now I'm gonna beat you up."

We are no longer living in a representative democracy. Protests have been happening here and abroad for weeks, and our president has as much as said that he does not care. It seems he's forgotten that being president of this country includes listening to the people. Otherwise we might as well have stayed under the monarchy of England in 1776.

John Ashcroft is one of the scariest people I've ever seen in government.

I fear what will happen next. A destabilized Middle East, more impetus for Middle Eastern terrorists to strike at us on our own land, more hatred and fear of the U.S. by other countries, the gradual stripping away of our rights to keep us "safe" although that will never be truly possible and the loss of our rights contradicts everything this country was created to do, the setting of precedent for pre-emptive strikes (what do we do now if India and Pakistan strike at each other?)... All things that worry me more than the current conflict--which worries me.

*** All opinions in this entry are those of the author and are not required to be those of her readers/friends. The author regrets that her writing style may not be up to par on this entry. Flame away! But be logical and use your inside voice. ;-) ***
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( Mar. 21st, 2003 02:53 pm)
If I were to say that "Lenore" is painfully funny--well, in my case, that's literally true.

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