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( Mar. 31st, 2003 11:15 am)
Seventh Generation carpet cleaner really works. And if it works on our carpet, that is high praise indeed. Hallelujah!

And yesterday, as I was on my way to Repeat the Beat (where I picked up the new Aimee Mann, a Stone Roses retrospective, and the final Curve release I needed on CD), I saw black pansies. Completely, utterly, velvety black. Just gorgeous.
Interesting things you find on google. One, the erotic arts scene in Dallas was alive in 2000, if not beyond.

Also, if I google myself under my given name--Melissa Webb--there are scads of them!! And many of them are doing things I've done in the past and might yet do again, like design and music. There's even a Melissa Webb listed as a singer/songwriter similar to Alison Krauss. I may be a singer/songwriter, I may even have something of an appreciation for Alison Krauss, but that ain't me.

I googled for "Mila Webb" and didn't find any listings. So there we have it. Mustn't sink into a crowd of people with the same name, particularly when I've chosen one I prefer. Heh.

But I did find a nice little surprise, although the tag "New Age' comes as a bit of a surprise, and I'm not a morning person. But who cares? Hee hee.
Scroll to 7 a.m.

For that matter, I'm extremely pleased with the Dream Radiation reviews in Outburn and Starvox.com, and I'm really looking forward to what Sentimentalist has to say. Forget interpersonal conflicts within the project--this is good.

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