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( Apr. 11th, 2003 10:24 am)
Part 1: I hate cell phones. Even though I have one (after resisting mightily for years). Not just because of the preoccupied-yuppie-with-glazed-eyes-and-phone bearing down on unsuspecting travelers, either. I think I hate them because they promise things they can't fulfull, due to the humans who are in charge of them. The point of my having a cell phone is to be able to reach people quickly when something comes up. If my phone, or the other person's phone, has run down, is in the other car, is in the other purse, is lost, or is turned off, this does not happen. The promise is of a foolproof way to communicate rapidly when needed. The reality is often of frustration. I've been on both ends of that one, so I know of whence I speak.

Part 2: Glossy war coverage looks to me like another TV show or movie. It fictionalizes reality. I found that choppy satellite coverage from Iraq brought the reality of the war home to me in ways that the shiny, perfect coverage couldn't do.

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