I thought I might be able to catch the last production of "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern" today at 2:00, but it was not to be. Again... I called the ticket office beforehand to see if they were sold out, and I couldn't get updated information (just that all shows were sold out as of Friday afternoon--wish I'd known that!--except for the Sunday matinee) but I thought I'd head down there and see if I could get in. Unfortunately I didn't leave in enough time to get cash and get confused getting back to the right area of campus, so I had to turn around and go home without even finding out if it had sold out.

I spent my ticket money at Thriftko to try to make myself feel less disappointed, but it didn't completely work. ::sigh::

I guess I should call home sometime soon as it's Mother's Day, but I'm really not looking forward to being on the phone for an hour with my parents. :-/

One good thing, though, as I was looking through the Stranger to find (non-existent) play information--I found out that Throwing Muses are doing a free show at Easy Street Music in Queen Anne tomorrow at 6:00. This is good, because I don't have $17.50 to see them at Graceland tomorrow night, and I'll be able to get to the 6:00 show if I don't get lost or do something else mindless. I've been following them for years and have seen them in concert a couple of times, but not since the early 90s. I wonder if I should wear my "Real Ramona" t-shirt to give them a grin.

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