m_cobweb: (movie star)
( Jun. 10th, 2003 12:27 pm)
Sore throat--spacey feeling--please, please, tell me I'm not getting sick. Allergies, weather change, those are fine. I really don't have the stamina for a cold right now.

I am also plagued by this song in my head:
Oliver's Army )

I suppose I should be glad it's Elvis Costello and not something worse. But how I wish I could listen to music at work to get rid of this recurring earworm. (It's been sporadically taunting me for about a week now.) Out, out!
m_cobweb: (Miladoll)
( Jun. 10th, 2003 02:11 pm)
From the Workman Page-a-Day cat calendar:
"The disturbing expression “Curiosity killed the cat” started out in the 16th century as “Care killed the cat,” meaning that too much stress can do you in."

Of course, that detracts from the second part of the current expression: Anticipation brought him back.

I suppose now when I tell the kitties that curiosity killed the you-know-what, they'll reply that they aren't stressed at all and should be just fine.

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