m_cobweb: (southpark)
( Sep. 4th, 2003 10:06 am)
Sunday our landlady offered us a free parking space in the building garage for our secondary car. The secondary car has already shown its disdain for the new arrangement by puking coolant all over the garage floor.

We've known we had a coolant leak for a couple of weeks and have just been adding coolant and water as needed (p.r.n. ;-)). But it seems to have hit a critical level of leakage now. Unfortunately, getting it fixed is not an option till next weekend. So I suppose we'll be adding water (better than coolant for the garage floor) on a regular basis and I'll be picking up some generic kitty litter tonight to try to clean up the mess before our poor landlady sees it. (She spent Sunday flattening boxes left behind by tenants and squashing them into the recycling bins--she doesn't need this too.)

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