Annie, Would I Lie to You
©1995 Reagan Jones and Matthew Morris

If I’m out of touch and need reminding
Just tell me
I have been found.
I’m walking to a new dimension
I have left familiar ground.
All the things I do
They may seem to you
As false behavior but I can’t
Really change your mind
This is my time
Annie, you would not understand.

I’ve become blind
I’ve lost my mind
Yes and no but Annie, would I lie to you?
I’ve got control
This is my show
Listen to me, Annie, would I lie to you?

Somebody filled my hands with enough illusion
They have let me out to play.
When you see me lie back
In temptations arms
And have it all my way
I still have my name
I still have my face
I have not run away from home
Does it seem so wrong
If I now embrace
Every single thing I’ve never known


And tonight I’ll stray
I’ll go too far
Only in your eyes
And for my own good
All I knew will soon be dying
Soon be dying…

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