Yesterday's posts mentioned this, but without the explanation that makes the whole story humorous. Of course, yesterday I'd had about three and half hours of sleep, so humorous it was not.

The custodian here at work brought in this nice bowl of candy for us (we thought). Good stuff, too--Kit Kats, Reese's, Starburst... Too bad they were all so stale as to be completely inedible. I don't recall ever needing to spit out candy before, but this time I had to. Had to.

Now, Roger probably hasn't the slightest clue that candy can go stale, so he didn't mean it to be rude. And we didn't want to be rude in return, which meant we couldn't just throw it away because he empties the wastebaskets. So I ended up throwing it all into a bag to take home and toss.

Last night [ profile] darkmane decided to try one and see if they were too stale for him. After spitting his bite out into the bag, he decided they were. He also spent some time wondering just how many years it takes for the cookie inside a Kit Kat to get that stale.

Boss Barbara and I figure no one goes to Roger's house on Halloween because the kids know him as the guy who gives out the stale candy. We badly want to know how long he's had it lying around, but haven't yet thought of a subtle way to get that information without hurting his feelings.

Other news: This would be a really good time for some theater to re-release Matrix 2 for those of us who didn't get around to seeing it (all three of us) or we won't end up seeing number 3 either.

And if I can finish hand-sewing four yards of Venice lace onto a skirt by the weekend, I'm going to have a lovely outfit for the club.

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