Don't say I never gave you anything. Just for you Mozilla users (and you know who you are), I've changed my page layout and colors so my posts will show up without being highlighted first.

Okay, so there's the small fact that I couldn't read my own entries from the Calendar view. But I really was going to do that for you anyway. :-P

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Hm -- I use Mozilla, and I've never had any difficulties reading your posts.

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It's never been a problem reading her posts on my own friends page, but if I go to her actual journal page, it has (prior to these changes) rendered everything as black-on-black. Very goth, but not so easy to read. And I know I'm not the only one who'd been having this problem....

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Now if only I could find a color scheme I was completely pleased with. This one, for example, makes it almost impossible to read the names under the user pics. And that pink. And the teal should be greener.

I wonder if there's a way to tweak these colors without it getting too involved?

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