I'm still waiting on my backordered La Redoute skirt and boots, which have supposedly shipped, but today I received an order I'd placed after that one. All is well except for a brocade mandarin-style jacket which is mysteriously 6 sizes larger than what I thought I'd ordered. I hate doing exchanges, but I don't have any choice with this one. And then there's the red merino wool cardigan. It's marked the correct size, when I try it on it stretches nicely to fit over my shoulders and it zips up fine (although I didn't expect 3/4 rather than long sleeves), but I swear when I hold it up it looks like a medium-size child's sweater. I'm small, but I'm really not that small. Very strange.
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From: [identity profile] m-cobweb.livejournal.com

Nice to meet you too...

And lucky you, I've already inundated you with fashiony fluff! Worry not, it's not usually this bad.

From: [identity profile] euterpe35.livejournal.com

those wacky french people! ;)

my size 22 dress was more like a size 26, which is why it's at Amanda's being altered.

From: [identity profile] m-cobweb.livejournal.com

Yep, I'll be sending the sweater and jacket back for exchanges. I usually have good luck with them, but I'm now remembering the year I kept trying to get a sweater in the color the catalog called "raspberry," but they kept sending me something that was definitely pink.

BTW, their shoes run a size small. :-)

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