For explanation, see upcoming Friends post.

I've liked leaving some of my entries public to find new Friends, but I'm not comfortable doing that right now.

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I can truly sympathize to situations and emotions that can cause this need. It saddens me as well, but I have done a lot of this in my journal too.

I'm sorry.

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Makes sense.

It happens.

I've tightened things up at times and then relaxed them later.

It's O.K.

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sa I have mentioned in my own journal and in response to several other people's journals, my LJ has been friends only predominently since about a month after I got it. I have a few people that stalk me socially, not in a psycho-crazy way but in an annoying "I want to be your friend because you are so cool oh my god why dont you want to be my friend back youre my best friend" no punctuation kind of way. I just do not want to deal with responses from them. One of them is my little brother's exgirlfriend and one of them is an exfriend of mine. exfriend is not something I say lightly. His social machinations are the reason I had a heartattack in the first place 10 years ago.

Some people suck. We do what we can to prevent them from gaining any more access to our lives. We can not be friends with everyone. We can not be open to everyone. But we can be open to many, and be friends with many. In the end, we do the best we can without leaving ourselves open to attack. I try to be open to new friends in person, and add them to my LJ once I get to know them a little.

I go through my friends list about once a quarter and delete peopel that I have nothing in common with, do not know in person really, and who do not post very much.

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i just thought i would drop a note to say that i added you as a friend. hope you don't mind. :)