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I feel like I should know who she is. She looks familiar.

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I have some bad news to share - Chiaspod just posted on a board I read that she was found in her apartment this morning and is no longer with us.

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I don't have any more information than what I just gave. It was posted by two different people to two different boards last night at about the same time. Tricelt mentioned it on the "SeaGoth" board ( )
and Chiaspod mentioned it on a locked, private board.

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That's just odd that nothing else can be confirmed but two people knew she was found dead? I'm just still in shock and am quite frustrated at this whole thing.

How did Tricelt know? How did Chiaspod know?? That's what I'm really trying to find out here. I'll visit the link you posted and post my own questions.



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I can understand your concerns. [ profile] vorona seems to also know, you might as over there.

I didn't know her well - but I have met and talked with her, and it is always terrible when a thing like this happens. It would be even worse if it was a mix-up - so I understand your concern.

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I don't know much about the area, but a search reveals that UofWasington is in Seattle Washington and is located in King County. Let me know if I am wrong.

Anyway, assuming the above information is correct, I have located the official deaths reported for King County.

King County Deaths (

I was not able to locate her name. I was also not able to find any mention of her at SeattlePI, The Seattle Times, 710KIRO and KOMO1000 TV.

If this is a friend of yours, did you try calling her parents or other friends?

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