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2017-04-10 05:02 pm
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Wait, I have little pink bats for my mood theme? Must start using moods.
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2009-05-19 02:28 pm

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So, er, hi.

I'm not sure what I'll be doing with this blog (potentially making it into a literary-writing blog?), but here it is, just in case.
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2004-10-01 07:38 pm

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If you've been on my Friends list, you still are. Not that I don't appreciate knowing you still want to be there, but honest, it's not necessary. ;-)
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2004-03-15 05:13 pm


I turn a page
And what I have learned
Settles forward into my soul.
What I have felt remains.

I have seen others read,
Turn quickly past,
Move into the present
And on, and away

I do not say your style is wrong,
That mine is best.
Au contraire,

Merely that the sorrow
Has lingered
Far longer than the joy.
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2004-03-10 09:15 am


I drop people from my Friends list rarely, and for only a few reasons: One is people who are ostensibly part of my regular social circle, but whom I have little or no personal contact with. I tend to be very patient waiting for people to add me back, but people in that category who don't add me back after some time tend to get snipped (particularly if they post infrequently).

I like to keep my out-of-town people, or those who are local but whom I don't know in IRL, because I very much appreciate their points of view. I love my circle, but don't want to lose sight of the rest of the world.

Entries that cause me regular angst are another reason I drop people. Surprisingly, I have yet to drop anyone for political entries. *wink*
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2004-02-14 09:59 pm
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2004-01-16 08:30 pm

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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] staxxy! (Even though I'll probably be saying it to you in person before you see this.)
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2003-12-29 02:47 pm

No more public posts for a while

For explanation, see upcoming Friends post.

I've liked leaving some of my entries public to find new Friends, but I'm not comfortable doing that right now.
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2003-12-29 09:06 am

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Why, yes, I do read while I'm brushing my teeth. It's an old family tradition.

And no, kitties, I cannot read through you as you sit on my magazine. It's too bad it's verboten to move cats if they aren't in active peril.
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2003-12-27 03:00 pm

Time for fluff

I'm still waiting on my backordered La Redoute skirt and boots, which have supposedly shipped, but today I received an order I'd placed after that one. All is well except for a brocade mandarin-style jacket which is mysteriously 6 sizes larger than what I thought I'd ordered. I hate doing exchanges, but I don't have any choice with this one. And then there's the red merino wool cardigan. It's marked the correct size, when I try it on it stretches nicely to fit over my shoulders and it zips up fine (although I didn't expect 3/4 rather than long sleeves), but I swear when I hold it up it looks like a medium-size child's sweater. I'm small, but I'm really not that small. Very strange.
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2003-12-23 10:17 am

Where are my knitting needles?

I had nothing to do with the deflated 8-foot snowman puddled on a lawn on my way into work.

I was too late.
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2003-12-23 08:43 am

I don't think this is going to be a good day

I think I'm at the point where I can no longer deny I'm sick. I can only hope it doesn't get worse than this. I can manage all right at this level, scratchy throat and cotton-stuffed head notwithstanding, but more than this would be bad. I'm going to be cranky enough with this degree of "ick" as it is. Of course this happens the one time I can't take time off work and have hundreds of things to get done outside of work.

I hope the mighty zinc lozenge and ginger tea can do their part to pull me through, and I hope I'm not going to make everyone else around me sick. I really don't want to miss out on the things I've planned, and I do have responsibilities I need to meet.

This was so predictable it's almost funny.

That would be almost.

Edited to add: [livejournal.com profile] thevfrchick? [livejournal.com profile] seedmoon? How are you two doing today?
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2003-12-21 04:55 pm


The floor at Beth's Cafe is so greasy that I slid on the sidewalk after leaving the restaurant.
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2003-12-21 04:23 pm

Tinsel time

For [livejournal.com profile] girlgoth and others who've asked:
This pic is the tinselly hair extensions.

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2003-12-20 04:08 pm


Don't say I never gave you anything. Just for you Mozilla users (and you know who you are), I've changed my page layout and colors so my posts will show up without being highlighted first.

Okay, so there's the small fact that I couldn't read my own entries from the Calendar view. But I really was going to do that for you anyway. :-P
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2003-12-19 06:39 pm

Friday Five

1. List your five favorite beverages.

coffee, water, vodka martinis, dark beer, juice

2. List your five favorite websites.

LJ (really! ;-)), amazon.com (for research as well as buying), eBay, beliefnet, astrology.com

3. List your five favorite snack foods.

Potato chips & French onion dip, tortilla chips & salsa, Jordan almonds, string cheese, ice cream

4. List your five favorite board and/or card games.

I play them only under duress (sometimes extreme duress), but chicken-foot dominoes and scrabble are the best of the lot, afaic.

5. List your five favorite computer and/or game system games.

House of the Dead, and I'm afraid that's it.

I realize now I'll have to turn in my geek card, but that's okay--it was only provisional anyway. :-P
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2003-12-19 08:50 am


No one will care about this but me, but I'm going to make note of it anyway. (It also serves well to illustrate the effects of ADD meds on sleep-deprived brains.)

This morning I learned to roll my r's the right way. I've been able to roll them far back in the my throat since I was a kid, and once I figured out the trick to bringing them forward in my mouth, but until today that secret was lost. I was playing around with the lyrics to one of Sunday's choir songs and suddenly got it. I hope I can remember the trick now.

Too bad I'm no longer using my Spanish much, with the exception of occasional choir pieces. Better late than never, I suppose. (And it's very personally satisfying to have figured this out anyway.)

The old way of rolling my r's is the same technique I use to purr. I can purr on the inhale and the exhale, which, according to my cat mailing list, is uncommon. Of course I still run out of air quickly, not being a real cat, and we don't really know how they purr anyway. Still, it's a fun thing to be able to do with cats, and it seems to be good enough for them.
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2003-12-18 04:10 am

Return of the King

Very satisfying. Full of metaphors for real life--and actually about something.

I'm very tired, and content.

Good night, all...
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2003-12-17 10:59 am

(no subject)

Damn. I wish I'd gotten my makeup on before the cute copier repair guy came in.