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([personal profile] m_cobweb Dec. 21st, 2003 04:23 pm)
For [livejournal.com profile] girlgoth and others who've asked:
This pic is the tinselly hair extensions.

From: [identity profile] girlgoth.livejournal.com

So cute!!!! I wish I had been able to go out last night to see them. Thanks for posting this pic! :) What did you use in them?

From: [identity profile] m-cobweb.livejournal.com

Believe it or not, I got them at Target last year (I think they were Scuunci). Jilli posted about them on the board, so I ran out and grabbed them.

From: [identity profile] girlgoth.livejournal.com

No way! I guess I'm so used to seeing people wear pre-made ones in a bad way, that you did it so cute and I thought you made them! :D

From: [identity profile] seedmoon.livejournal.com

Don't worry. I'm not really that creepy.
It is a very cute pic though.

From: [identity profile] m-cobweb.livejournal.com

Eh, I've known creepier. Not often, mind you, but I have known it. ;-p

A tad more seriously, I am glad you like the pic. :-)

From: [identity profile] josefinek.livejournal.com

Just skimming through friends-of-friends and saw your picture - what a beautiful idea! Really compliments your grace and whimsy, too. It must look astonishing under dancefloor lights.

Pretty pretty!

-- Josefine K/Jessica/The One with the Books :P

From: [identity profile] m-cobweb.livejournal.com

What a nice compliment. :-) Thank you.

Jeff says that the ponyfalls did look good under the lights (I, of course, couldn't quite see them).

From: [identity profile] lilibat.livejournal.com

Wish I could wear stuff like that, but all attempts to wear hair falls result in me looking like an idiot.

From: [identity profile] m-cobweb.livejournal.com

But I can't get away with interesting hair colors because of work, so you've got me on that one. Falls (and extensions occasionally) are the way I compensate. ;-)