Today we got a new copy machine in my little office. I'm concerned, to say the least, that this comes less than a week before the dreaded Newsletter Day. I can see disaster approaching already...

But it is all shiny and clean and new-looking. It goes well with the little fountain on my counter, nicked from Ed, who isn't allowed to have it on his desk any more because his toddler comes in and rearranges the rocks so the water goes all over the desk and ruins things. In addition, Boss Barbara greeted me back from my recuperation with a little halogen lamp for my desk. I had a very small lamp there before to counter the fluorescent lighting a bit (not much natural light in here), and the new lamp really is an improvement.

In completely unrelated news, I've added my favorite Charles Baudelaire piece to my User Profile page

All too apropos, I must say...

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