I woke up before the alarm went off today, which is almost unheard of, and was amazed by the amount of light in the room. I'm wondering now if the time change is making a significant difference in my ridiculously-high energy level this week. Maybe I really don't like daylight savings time.

Regardless, I think I can avoid all ADD meds today and do just fine. If bouncing from wall to wall is fine...
If [livejournal.com profile] butterflake is reading LJ today, can you tell me what to expect from my audition with Sheila? I suspect I'm blowing it out of proportion in my mind, but I'd like confirmation. Thinking about this isn't helping my concentration much today.

I'm doing "Moon River" as my audition song. Mezzo soprano, not too challenging, so my nerves can't mangle it too much, but nice.

And I'll accept well wishes from anyone who feels like sending them along at 5:30 this evening.

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